20130909 095627Nowadays, physical and financial health of most organizations depends increasingly on continued physical and functional integrity of its assets, which means that the pressure on those responsible for keeping them running is becoming more intense. 
This pressure isn’t exerted only by customers who demand high quality standards, but also by regulators that require continuity, safety and absence of damage to the environment of increasingly severe form.
This requires in most cases, monitoring of experienced and trained professionals for assistance in the search for "in-company" solutions in enterprises. 
Our experience in this area has been continuously accumulated and perfected over the last fifteen years, and collaborated with various industries in training and conducting research projects of this nature in Brazil and overseas. Our consulting team was coached by John Moubray, personally, in England and in successive certifications over the period 1997-2004 in order to complete their training.



"With the RCM we can maximize positive results within the smallest possible costs in Maintenance Management of assets. As RCM facilitator, I myself participated in the projects ZF Sachs, and today, managing the Maintenance Department I’m watching the rewards of this work."
Luciano de Freitas Araujo - Maintenance Supervisor

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"Seeking to increase the availability and reliability of our assets and processes, we found in RCM a role model and management to help us achieve our goals. Through SQL Brazil, our facilitators prepare and implement programs for sustainable development of RCM Clariant RCM projects".
Jose Luis Arranz - Energy and Maintenance Manager

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"We started the RCM process in 2010 and the in first year were already found benefits of the methodology. Were able to revise our maintenance plans with discretion and acting on what is really critical."
Luiz Parente - Head of Industrial Engineering and Maintenance

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"The partnership we have made with SQL Brazil to the formation of RCM Facilitators, brought us a new vision on Asset Management."
Francisco Leandro Silva - CPS Manager - Maintenance Planning M&E’s.

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"In Tecumseh Brazil, the RCM is used in specific devices requiring specific technical methodology for problem solving. Immediate implementation of the conclusions resulting from the meetings with teams is a decisive factor for achieving the goals."