*This course "in-company" is also developed for groups from five components, check it out.
Who is it for? - Introduction to RCM is a prerequisite to this training course. Is intended for those who will lead RCM projects at the companies. The course emphasizes the practice through the development of 2 complete practical cases. Includes a technical visit and the development of two studies in the classroom using the software RCM2Web.
The participants will develop the technical and managerial concepts of RCM process, with a view to their qualification in conducting study groups. Will learn strategic concepts to ensure successful deployments. Upon completion of this course, the participants will be able to go to the practical phase of their training, ie, assume the driving of actual studies of RCM, with the support and monitoring by consultants of SQL Brazil. The candidate for RCM Facilitator must possess consistent technological training, coupled with a desirable experience of participation at multidisciplinary teamwork, plus skills to interpersonal relationships. This course isn’t intended to teach how to train RCM courses.


- The Role of the Facilitator
- Management of Operational Reliability versus Maintenance Management
- Technical Visit
- Development of two full cases
- Key factors for a successful deployment
- The organization required: a necessary paradigm shift
- In-depth study of the theory of Fault Polling Interval (FFI)
- The RCM2WEB software as support to the process tool
- The SAE JA 1011 and SAE JA 1012

Duration - 10 (ten) days in 2 (two) subsequent weeks, totaling 80 (eighty) classroom hours.
Time - 8:00 to 17: 00h
Educational Material - Book: "The RCM in Modern Maintenance Management of Assets" - Complete Tutorials and Support Material.
Certificate - Participants receive a certificate of RCM FACILITATOR with sufficiency register (frequency and minimum marks required in the final written exam - 70%).
Technical Visit - Technical visit to a monitored SQL client in order to get in contact to the operating system being studied in class.
Software - Students will use the RCM2web software to develop cases in the classroom.