* This course "in-company" is also developed for groups from 10 people, check it out.
Intended to whom? - Managers, engineers and technicians in the areas of Maintenance, Operations and Engineering. The student will know the full 7 RCM questions and learn in practice how to develop a study being able to participate in RCM projects. 

The course will enable the participant to understand the main paradigms traditionally considered to affect decisively the maintenance function, namely: Quantity maintenance brings reliability, the reliability function is exclusive of maintenance, run to failure is not a reasonable practice, and so on. Have a thorough overview of the SAE JA-1011 and SAE JA-1012, which regulate the technical and managerial foundations for the successful implementation of the RCM process through exposure of concepts and development of a case study.


- Introduction to Reliability Centered Maintenance
- History of the RCM, the four generations of maintenance
- Defining functions, functional failures, failure modes and effects
- Evaluation of the consequences of failure
- Protective devices and alarms that aren’t failsafe
- Failures that threaten the safety or the environment
- Failures affecting production / operations
- Failures that only bind the direct cost of repair
- Validation of proactive actions and define the frequency of the tasks
- Maintenance based on Condition
- What if a suitable preventive task can’t be found
- When redesign
- When run until it fails
- Arrangements for maintenance
- Operating Procedures
- Study groups and the Facilitator
- The approval and implementation of strategies

Duration - 3 days - 24 hours / class
Time - 8:00 to 17: 00h
Educational Material - Complete Tutorials and Support Material
Certificate of Participation - Participants receive a certificate of participation.