*This course is also developed "in-company" for groups from 10 components, check it out.

Intended to whom? - Managers, Engineers and Technicians of the areas of Maintenance, Operation, Engineering and Administration, involved with Reliability, Asset Management and People. Professionals related to the Security and Property insurance. The course aims to optimize human cooperation in complex environments subject to great vulnerability, minimize the occurrence of failures due to human error and its consequences.



  • Module 1 - The asset management and the Human Error

- The Evolution of Maintenance
- The concept of Reliability
- The Centered Maintenance Reliability
- The RCM and the Modern Asset Management
- The modern management of assets and the role of people
- The RCM and the Human error
- The Human Reliability in the production process

  • Module 2 - The Human Error and treatment

- Human factor - definition
- The genesis of human error
- Implications of errors in production systems
- The error, the risk, the deviation and the threat
- Error-inducing factors
- Threatening Factors
- Human propensity to human error
- Operational management system in deviations tract
- Situational Awareness
- Leadership and Power Distance
- Risk Management
- Care of fatigue and stress
- Tract models with human error
- Mitigation forms of active faults
- The latent error
- Work Climate
- Safety Net (network security)

Duration - 2 days - 16 hours / class
Time - From 8:00 to 17: 00h
Educational Material - Handouts Complete and Support Material
Participation certificate - Participants will receive a certificate of participation.